Svoi Club — education, networking, leisure

Svoi Club is a club that integrates the entire Svoi Hub ecosystem with the purpose of training, networking and leisure for the club members.

Svoi Club offers educational program in the field of advertising, marketing, management, integral theory. Relevant trainings you can order for yourself or your company in 2019 are as follows.


  1. Basic media indicators and media overview
  2. Positioning
  3. Creative ideas
  4. Non-standard advertising
  5. Media market of Ukraine: overview
  6. Choice of communication channels
  7. Underground
  8. Pharmaceutical market of Ukraine: overview of advertising
  9. Puzzle media (step by step: from task to strategy)

Video production:

10. How the commercial is made? How much does it cost? When is the best time to start?

Creative ideas:

  1. Creative playground: how creative idea is born


  1. How to produce printing products quickly and efficiently?

For details about joining Svoi Club programs, please call +38 (067) 408 07 11 or e-mail us to